EssentialPIM Vision

  • Why should I choose EPIM?
  • What makes it better than other email clients?
  • What exactly does it do?

EssentialPIM does exactly what an email client, organizer and personal information manager ought to do: it manages your data and information - no more, and no less. It’s that simple.

What makes EssentialPIM so special and unique is that every feature in EssentialPIM has come from customer requests - customers just like you. Interactions with our customer base and rapid response to customer suggestions and feedback is at the heart of our service model. We personally answer each help request on the forum and in emails, and our development team is constantly evaluating and prioritizing the input from our user community with the aim of scheduling quick implementation whenever and wherever we can, often immediately in the next release. Our large team of real-world Beta testers thoroughly tests each version before general release. Our focus has always been and will remain the needs and requests of everyday users.

Just give EssentialPIM a try. And let us take care of the rest.